2018 Hills Showjumping Fixtures

    February      18th
    March          18th
    April             15th
    May              20th  **AGM at 12 noon in Club House**
    June             17th
    July              15th
    August         19th 
    September  16th - CHAMPIONSHIPS - Rugs for first place & extra prizes! 

2018 Hills Showjumping Program   

      ENTRIES ON THE DAY (No card facilities - Cash Only)     -        PRIZE MONEY AND RIBBONS
    Training Rounds from 7.30 to 9am
   * Both Arenas starting at  9.30am

​    Main Arena  - Subject to change
       85CM ~ AM7                                                               
       95CM - AM7
       1.00M ~ AM7                                                              
       1.05M ~ AM7                                                                                                                   
       1.05M ~ Junior AM3 or AM7 (Finalised on the day)                                                  
       1.10M ~ AM7                                                              
       1.15M ~ AM7                                                              
   Lower Arena - Subject to change                                                               
       50CM ~ UNDER 12 YRS AM7                                      
       50CM ~ 12 YRS & OVER AM7
       65CM ~ AM7
       75CM ~ AM7
       80CM ~ AM7
       80CM Junior ~ AM3          

For further class information please see below:

"Article 238.1.2" - (A2)
competitors with equality of penalties for any place are placed in accordance with the time taken to complete the round.

In the event of equality of penalties and time for first place, there may be a jump-off over a shortened course over obstacles, which may be increased in height and/or spread in accordance with the provisions of the schedule.

"Article 238.2.2" - (AM3)
A competition against the clock but in the event of equality of penalties for first place, there will be one jump-off against the clock.

"Article 245.3" - (AM7)
In this competition, a competitor with a clear round rides  the jump-off course, against the clock, before leaving the arena. The competitor has 45 seconds only to go through the starting flags after the Judge sounds the bell for the jump-off.

**Rider age:  Determined by the age of the rider at the beginning of the calendar year.

Please click the link below for the EWA Jumping Handbook for further information:
(Cash Only - No card facilities)

Membership including insurance for the year
- Junior  $75
- Senior  $95
- Family $110

Membership including insurance for a month 
-Junior/Senior $30

Classes                       Members           Non-Members
Training Rounds        $8                      $12
50cm                           $8                      $12
65cm - 1.15cm            $10                   $15

Ground Fee                  $25                  $35
(per rider)

​EA Levy $4 per class (maximum $24)

Additional Information

Office Location:

The event information desk & entries are located in the office at the club house. This is a brick building overlooking the top arena. The entry door is under the verandah to the right of the canteen.
Please check in upon arrival at the grounds on the morning of the competition.
The office hours are from 7.30am until the end of the last jumping rounds.


- Full service canteen for breakfast & lunch from 8am.
- Stables (sorry, no bookings - only what is available on the day). *Please leave clean after use
- Wash bay & hose
- Toilets
- Ambulance

What to wear:

- Please dress neatly.
- Pony Club members may wear their uniform.
- Riders can wear polo shirts/team shirts. 
- Riding Jackets preferred for the Final Hills Showjumping competition held in September (you may be photographed if you win a prize!).
- No plaiting required.

If you've never been to Hills Showjumping before:

- Upon arrival check in at the office.
- Please pay for training rounds & insurance/membership before riding your horse.
- If you want to do just training rounds before committing to the competition, to see how your horse goes, that's OK.
- Before each height competition starts, please be ready to walk the course wearing your full riding outfit. It's a good idea to have a pen ready to write down the jump-off (walk that course as well).
- As the competition starts, have your horse ready and warmed up. The person at the arena gate will have a list of what order you are in. 
- Once you are called into the arena, and the last person has finished jumping, please go up to the judge's box and introduce your self and your horse.  Please salute the judge. They will sound a bell when they want you to start. Please be aware that there is a time limit when you need to go through the start flags. If you get a clear round then wait for the judge to sound the bell if it is an immediate jump-off. Once you have finished your jump-off you may leave the arena (no need to revisit the judge's box).
- If you want to retire your horse during the round, please let the judges know before leaving the arena.

* Don't forget you can ask for help! Anyone wearing a "Karanjine" black polo shirt are very friendly and will help you with any questions you may have. (Please remember we are all volunteers!).

Spectators Welcome!!